Traditional Capoeira Pants – Unisex (Black)

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Traditional Capoeira Pants – Unisex (Black)



Traditional Capoeira Pants Black

The capoeira is a martial art. When training, you will get to learn multiple and different moves. You will need a lot of energy and you will gain a lot of strength thanks to your capoeira practices. These pants are made out of a light, synthetic fabric that allows you to move and exercise without constraint and stay cool while doing so. The design features a Brazilian flag attached on the front bottom of the pants. The pants are ideal for all outdoor and indoor activities such as Yoga, Aerobics, Jogging, Pilates, Kickboxing and more. Made in Brazil, they are the perfect item for your training.


**Size Guide- XS- Full Length - 91 cm / 36" , Inner Leg Length - 75 cm / 27.5" S- Full Length - 96 cm / 38" , Inner Leg Length - 77 cm / 28.5" M- Full Length - 102 cm / 40" , Inner Leg Length - 82 cm / 30" L- Full Length - 105 cm / 41.5" , Inner Leg Length - 85 cm / 31.5" XL -Full Length - 111 cm / 43" , Inner Leg Length - 90 cm / 32", XXL -Full Length - 114 cm / 44.5" , Inner Leg Length - 86 cm / 33.5"


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Traditional Capoeira Pants Unisex Black

Traditional Capoeira Pants Unisex Black: Since the creation of the capoeira centuries ago, the sport has never stopped gaining more popularity, in Brazil first, and then, all over the world. There have been Mestres and students who decided to dedicate their lives to the capoeira. More than a sport, it is a passion, a culture, and a community. Only once you’ve begun the lessons, you’ll understand the depths of this martial art. Get your capoeira outfit on Brazil Athletics, and get started!

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These capoeira pants are the perfect item for your lessons. Made of a high-quality fabric, they will ensure your comfort for your training and game. The design is simple. Indeed, it is made like the traditional capoeira uniform: with the black as the main and only color.

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