Brazil Athletics has an interesting history, one that dates back to 2002 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. One of our founders was traveling along the Copacabana beaches of Rio and immediately fell in love with the sights and sounds of this great country. With the Samba music playing, the waves hitting the shore and 1000s of Brazilian’s enjoy the world around them, he knew that Brazil was a place to discover and a place of adventure.

That adventure lead him all over the country, but it was in Sao Paulo, the largest city of Brazil, that he discovered the beautiful martial art or unique sport of Capoeira and immediately, he knew this was something he wished to be a part of. He also met the love of his life and before we knew it, he was settled into Sao Paulo life and not looking back.

Fast forward to 2012 and the creation of our original company that would ultimately become: Brazil Athletics. Working with local Capoeira instructors, as well as designers, tailors, and artists, we started on a line of Capoeira clothing with one goal in mind: produce quality athletic clothing, and try and bring Capoeira to the world. We started forming partnerships with local musical instrument developers and expanding our Capoeira product line while improving our clothing every season.

In December of 2013, we opened our office in London, UK where we distribute our product to Europe, North America and Asia. We’re now working with as many European Capoeira ambassadors as possible to ensure that the sport is growing through sponsorship and education series. Maybe we’ll see you at the next event, you never know!

Brazil Athletics