Capoeira in Salvador’s carnival

Why is Salvador’s carnival pride of Brazil people? Because the colors, the ambiance and the dances have nothing to do with somewhere else. It is simply the only place where you can a carnival as alive as in Salvador. Capoeira is, of course, part of this unforgettable moment. In this article, you are going to discover what the Salvador’s carnival is really.

Spotlight of Afro-Brazilian culture

Carnival in Salvador is a mix of music, rhythms, dances, colors and disguises. Salvador’s Carnival is unique and incomparable with others carnivals in the world. It is not only a time to party and to have but to remind people their culture and what they need to be proud of.

Indeed, Salvador is the capital of Bahia, a northeastern state in Brazil where 80% of the population descent from Africa. Salvador is the only city in the world where the percentage is that high.

Therefore, Salvador’s carnival is a way to celebrate the African culture through dances, music, and art in general.

What about Capoeira?

Of course, Capoeira is part of this unmissable event. People from everywhere know this art. This is the only art from the country which achieved to be known at this scale.

But Capoeira is not only a dance. First of all, you have to know that it is an acrobatic dance. Nothing to do with turning in circles or simple dancing steps. It is more punches and high kicks, that never land don’t worry.

Basically, Capoeira is an acrobatic dance part of deadly martial art. These dancing figures are executed by the Capoeiristas in rhythm with the music. This one comes from a single berimbau. So the musician knows how to perfectly do the rhythm that everyone can affirm that a single berimbau is actually enough to rhythm Capoeira.

What is the meaning of Capoeira?

Capoeira is a symbol of resistance. Brazilian black people created this art to fight against slavery. It was the first form of fighting against racism and all the things linked to that. Therefore, Capoeira has been banned during centuries. But Brazilian black people have always had this art in their mind and have been transmitting Capoeira from generation to generation anyway.

After slavery was abolished in Brazil, people started again to practice Capoeira in front in broad daylight. And in 2014, the art has been granted the status of cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

How big is Salvador’s carnival?

The streets people are parading in for the carnival are the most festive on earth. All the African heritage is visible at this moment of the year. More than two hundred people are parading all around Salvador in traditional dresses as “orixas” for example.

“Trio-eletrico” is another kind of music played. It celebrates nature, its beauty and its power.

As you must have understood, Salvador’s carnival is an unmissable event where all the population shows off that she is proud of her culture. Both modern and about old unforgettable culture, with Capoeira, Salvador’s carnival is pride of Brazil.


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